Lemonade Stand

On the way home from school yesterday – last day of finals week – my son told me a story that shocked, surprised and made me proud. Specially heart-warming since I am a Product Manager.

I was asking him about his test and he got really, really excited about ONE particular question in the finals that day.



(Q) At what price will you sell more cups of lemonade?

(a) $0.25/cup   (b) $0.95/cup   (c) $1.25/cup

He thought the answer was obvious ($0.25) and specially couldn’t fathom why many of his friends had marked one of the other very tempting but incorrect answer ($1.25).

Price vs. Demand



He will in time read the treatise on The Law of Demand but chances are that he is ready to move onto the next lesson. And if you remember this story, you are too!







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